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Chip Peterson loves sports. Just ask him. He has real trouble balancing his sports with his music. One day, he'll dream about taking the Jayhawks to the Rose Bowl, the next he'll dream about taking the Cornertones to Radio City Music Hall. His real name is Charles Xavier Peterson. But nobody calls him Charles, you dig?

Chip isn't the sharpest pencil in the box. He gets most of his homework done by Dexter. For Chip, school is more about music than math; more about sports than science. He is torn by his love for doo wop and his focus on football. His folks get pretty mad when he scats off to the street corner with Sassie and the guys instead of doing his evening reps at the gym. They're afraid he is going to miss out on opportunities with the pros and try to make his fortune with his fellow crooners.

Rocco and Chip share the bass and baritone duties. They both love hitting the super low notes, but they also love singing actual words, which low basses don't do much when they sing doo wop. Chip really digs listening to Dex and Sassie sing, because he thinks their high notes are super swell. But if you push him, he'll admit he grooves to the songs that are his solos too. He is always afraid of messing up the words, especially Doo Wop Lament. Kind of ironic that the line he misses the most is the one about his brain working as well as the next fella's ...

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